Spinach Soil Requirements

Spinach can grow well in the average soil, but it will thrive in soil rich in organic matter. In general, soil type and pH rarely become a restrictive factor when growing spinach. However, spinach has been reported to thrive in sandy loam soils with pH 6,5 to 6,8. In cases of severe P deficiencies, farmers may apply P2O5 at a rate of 50kg per hectare some days before seeding.

Keep in mind that each field is different and has different needs. Growers should perform a soil analysis before planting. They can also seek advice from a local licensed agronomist in order to form a rational field preparation plan. Some farmers also apply well-rotted cow manure and plow well some days before seeding, in order to restore N levels. However, keep in mind that these are just some common patterns that you should not follow without making your own research.

Spinach Water Requirements

Spinach plant has a relatively shallow root system. As a result, the plant prefers smaller and more frequent irrigation sessions, in order to produce an acceptable yield. As a rule of thumb, farmers should focus on keeping the soil moist during the growing period. Experienced farmers claim that keeping the soil constantly moist, helps plant in two ways. On the one hand, the plant will be able to absorb the necessary water. On the other hand, this will keep soil temperature low, resulting in better spinach growth.

Spinach tends to bolt into seeds when the weather is too hot. In this case, plants are genetically set to devote their resources producing seeds rather than leaf development. Therefore, the product cannot be marketed. In most cases, three to four irrigation sessions per week are used during the first two weeks. It is highly suggested to irrigate our crops early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This will prevent water evaporation from the sun’s heat. More than half of world production is irrigated through sprinklers. However, in some circumstances, extensive use of sprinkler irrigation favors the outbreak of leaf spotting diseases.